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In caring for over 2,600 gardens, the experts at Witherspoon are trained to identify and treat various problems with the safest effective products available. With over 70 years of experience, we have developed our own reliable time-tested products. Our technicians have been trained in environmental safety and are licensed plant protectant applicators. In fact, our standards exceed those required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Tender loving care involves concern for the environment as well as the roses.

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       What We Offer

Spraying With Plant Protectants - Spray to control disease and insects
Winter Protection - Protect grafted plants from freezing
Comprehensive Pruning - Thin and shape for stronger, more productive growth
Fertilizing - Apply our specially formulated product to optimize growth
Soil Sample - Periodic soil evaluation through local agricultural extension agency
Deadheading - Remove spent blooms
Summer Mulching and Weeding - Remove weeds, add mulch as needed
Animal Control - Apply repellents for deer, voles, rabbits, etc.
Lime Application - Apply lime as needed to maintain proper pH
Rose Bush Replacement - Replace dead or undesirable bushes
Continuing Garden Evaluation - Ongoing visual inspection at each service visit


Monthly Rose Care Services begin at $110 per month.



shovel.jpgInstallation Packages

Let us do it for you!

Witherspoon Rose Culture will custom design a garden to fit your landscape and suit your taste. We will prepare a rich bed at a depth of 16", provide Witherspoon soil amendments, mulch and plant only premium grade #1 plants.



In addition to new bed installations, Witherspoon also offers:

Rose Garden Revitalization
Rose Garden Consultation
Metal Edging Garden Borders
Deer Fencing
Limited Service for Knock Out and Similar Landscape Roses

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