Employment Opportunities

Areas for Opportunity

Rose Garden Care: Choose from cities across North Carolina and be the local Professional Rose Gardener. Enjoy using your mind and your hands to produce incredible rose gardens. On the job training is available but horticultural education and/or experience is rewarded.

Rose Garden Shop: Become a rose expert by virtue of becoming part of a team of rosarians and learning from the best. Nearly sixty years of experience has developed proven methodology that is shared through our numerous educational offerings and hands-on experiences. Use your sales and marketing skills to promote a beautiful product that is very easy to love and sell.

Administration: Thrive on a team that uses modern technology and accounting practices to keep the midsize company running smoothly and efficiently. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a family-owned company that takes care of its loyal staff. 


Join Witherspoon Rose Culture...Where unsurpassed rose beauty meets exceptional job opportunities. 

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