Double Knock Out

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Type: Knock Out Ships As: Grade #1 Bareroot
Height: 4-5'  Shipping Season: February - May
Bloom: Deep red-pink Pickup As: Grade #1 Bareroot or Potted Rose
Fragrance: Light Tea Potted Season: Pickup In Store Only April - October
Hardy to Zone: Flowering Date: Late Spring to Early Fall
Comments: Great bloomer with more petals than Knock Out; disease resistant and does well in the sun Petal Count: 18-24
Patent Information: PP16202 (Star) Sun Requirements: Full Sun 6+ Hours
Double Knock Out

Product Reviews

Written by Carol on Feb 21st 2017

Disappointed, but this too shall pass.

My delivery date was 1 day late although I sent an email on the day that the roses were supposed to be shipped. I was shocked when I saw the small box that was delivered and even more shocked when I opened the box. The roses were half the size in diameter and length compared with so many other roses I have purchased from Witherspoon over many years. The roses were planted after soaking them in water for 2 hours. Hopefully, the small bareroot roses will grow well and become beautiful and mighty as previously purchased roses have. I will give them lots of loving care so hopefully all will be well in time. I am sure the move was a very hectic time for you.


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