Witherspoon Update

Dear Witherspoon Clients:

What a challenging time our Country is going through. For as long as WRC is able, we will continue to care for your Rose Gardens.
Spring arrives this week! The warmer temperatures which will push the roses to continue leafing out and ultimately bloom in May. With the arrival of spring we encourage you to get outside while self-isolating to enjoy the splendor of spring. Please share your blooms and gardens with us on Facebook and Instagram and let’s remember that the roses are going to continue to bloom while we get through these challenging times together. What a great reminder in the beauty God created to enhance our lives!

Here's the latest on what's happening at WRC!

  • Right now, we are Fertilizing all the roses
  • We will continue planting replacement rose bushes
  • We’re installing new Rose Gardens
  • We can arrange Delivery of gloves, pruners or other gardening items. Call, text, or email our office or your technician!
  • Set up Auto Pay for your Rose Care Service with a Credit Card or Bank Draft
  • Standing appointments with our Team can be by phone, while we’re in your Rose Garden, to facilitate social distance communication
  • Curb-side Pick-Up service at our Garden Shops for your purchased items. Call ahead to schedule your arrival!
  • Call, text, or email your technician with any concerns or questions about your Rose Garden
  • Call our office if you need help with anything listed above, or something else we can do for you

We are praying for the health and safety of our communities and families.