May Rose Care

Roses will begin to bloom in May and gardens will need to be deadheaded after the blooms are spent in order to promote more blooms throughout the season. So get out those pruners out and let's talk about deadheading and cutting blooms for the kitchen table!

Why Should I Deadhead? 

  • To promote new growth and new flower blossoms 
  • Tidy up your rose bush and keep taller bushes from getting too tall [especially late in the season]
  • Deter the Japanese Beetles from coming into your garden 
  • Reduce water loss through spent blooms

How to Deadhead: 

  1. Locate the second five leaflet 
  2. If it is outward facing, cut at a 45 degree angle just above [approx. 1/4"] 
  3. Later in the season choose a five leaflet futher down the stem always choosing an outward facing bud.
  4. Cut 1/4" above a 5 leaflet at a 45 degree angle 

How Do I Cut Blooms to Enjoy? 

  • Choose a blossom that is tight but that the sepals [the green outer petals] have completely opened 
  • Find an outward faceing 5 leaflet and cut at a 45 degree angle just above
  • Stems will be shorter in the early part of the season and longer in the later part of the season 
  • For best results put the stems directly into water and add a floral preservative to help extend the life of your cut rose

Finding holes in your rose buds and leaves?

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