June: National Rose Month

Hey, Rose Bud, Flaunt Your Flowers!

At Witherspoon, we think roses are a pretty big deal. And since June is National Rose Month, we’re celebrating with a Rose Photo Contest. Here’s what you need to know:

There are 3 Main Categories of Entry

1.Rose Garden Design/Roses in the Landscape

2.Individual Bloom

3.Young Photographer (participant must be 16 years of age or younger)

All entries must be emailed to social@witherspoonrose.com noting your name and the category for which you’re entering.

Judging is by WRC Staff. The winner of each category will receive a gift card; winners announced on Witherspoon’s Social Media June 30.

Show us your photography skills and flaunt your flowers!

For the Love of the Rose

For 70 years, Witherspoon has loved all things roses, and there’s no stoppin’ us now! The rose is a beloved treasure which is shared among friends and family, passed down from one generation to the next, and says so many wonderful expressions from “I love you”’ to “Congratulations” and everything in between. To celebrate, we’re showing off the goods all month long.

Do you know the Witherspoon story? Bob and Thelma Witherspoon set out to offer rose care at a time when it was unheard of as a profession in the 1950s, yet the young couple was successful at growing their venture. Their dedication brought the second and third generations to join the business in appreciation of cultivating roses and today, Witherspoon continues to share that love.

Garden Growing Pro Tips

There are few secrets to growing great roses. In fact, they’re not secrets at all, really. Like any other living thing, the rose needs the right kind of care. From regular water to removing the spent blooms, our maintenance tips are simple and straight forward.

If you’ve followed along with our Home Growers’ Guide to Growing Roses, you know our informative instructions are easy to follow. Don’t have a Growers’ Guide? Find our helpful information here, or request a guide to be mailed to you by emailing gardenshop@witherspoonrose.com

During the month of June (and beyond) roses need regular watering, either by hand or by irrigation, especially if there is less than an inch of rain consistently each week. In addition to water, fertilizer is helpful if your roses have not already been fertilized. If blackspot disease is a concern, spray your roses with fungicide according to the instructions on the label. Treat for insect concerns as needed; depending on the pest, you may need to spray something specific to appropriately target the pest. Finally, remove the spent blooms as they wither to help the next bloom cycle grow out.

In Appreciation

We are so honored you’d spend this time with us celebrating the rose. We’ve gained so many friends over the years and it’s such a delight to think that the rose is what brings us all together. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date on what’s happening at The ‘Spoon and to ooooh and aaaah our roses