Coming Up Roses - June 2019

Did you know June is National Rose Month? Let's celebrate what's in bloom in your rose garden! The rose evokes a loving sentiment both friendly and familial. We would love to hear how roses have touched your life or the lives of your friends and family.

Join our 30 day rose challenge to share the joy from your rose garden in thirty different ways all month long. Each day during the month is an opportunity to show others your thoughtful generosity. Tag your social using #WRC30daysofroses.

To honor National Rose Month, we scoured the internet for some entertaining rose stories to share. Join us in celebration of the rose!

  • In 1945 Peace rose was introduced during a pivotal point in World War II with a hope of world peace. It was Peace which popularized the beloved class of hybrid tea roses.
  • Ask any bride-to-be her number one choice for the bridal bouquet and the answer is always the rose. No matter how you slice it, hybrid teas are the cut flower of choice in both garden and greenhouse grown roses.
  • The world's largest rose, according to a 2014 report by NPR, a Lady Banks climber, is located in Tombstone, AZ. At the time of the story it covered 9,000 square feet with a trunk nearly 12 feet around.
  • The Rose of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany, affectionately known as the Thousand-Year Rose, is believed to be the oldest rose in the world and is said to have survived a World War II bombing.
  • The annual Tournament of Roses Parade uses over 500,000 cut roses on the 5 1/2 mile parade route. It takes 30 roses alone to fill one square foot of float area. The parade attracts some 700,000 in attendance and over 30 million in household viewership.

Even though we're having fun talking about our favorite flower, we do need to remember some important rose care to dos. Temperatures are rising as we approach summer and nothing is more important to your rose garden right now than water. Our target is to water our roses at least 3 times per week, for a minimum of 30-40 minutes per occurrence. Your rose garden might require less or more, so pay close attention to how dry or moist the soil is.

We also remind you that regular treatments for insects and diseases are our main focus to fend off pesky insects and keep blackspot at bay.