Boost Your Garden

With the last expected frost date just around the corner, we're looking forward to planting our potted roses. Have you reserved yours yet? Hurry while we still have a plentiful supply of all the pretties.

If you've often thought about installing irrigation to your roses, now's the time to schedule a free estimate. Our simple and effective drip line irrigation delivers water to the entire bed area ensuring a regular supply of much needed moisture to your roses. Add a water timer to customize the days and times to come on to help you take the guess work out of watering.

Does your garden need a fresh layer of mulch? How about a need to pull the emerging weeds? Weeding the garden helps give the roses the proper room to grow without the weedy competition. A good three inch layer of mulch cools the soil and helps to keep it moist. Let us estimate the cost of getting the job done for you. Contact our office or call your rose care technician direct.