Jul 3rd 2019

Rule of Our Green Thumb

Follow along each month as we uncover a Rule of Our Green Thumb to enhance your garden!July: In the growing season, your roses need an inch of rain each week or at leas 5 gallons of water. "Water is the driving force of all nature." - Leona…

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Jun 4th 2019

Coming Up Roses - June 2019

Did you know June is National Rose Month? Let's celebrate what's in bloom in your rose garden! The rose evokes a loving sentiment both friendly and familial. We would love to hear how roses have touched your life or the lives of your friends a…

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May 7th 2019

Thwarting Those Thrips

Thrips are also a concern for us as a targeted pest in the roses. Thrips are often found inside the blooms where they drink the moisture from the petals. Their damage is most noticeable on lighter colored roses, like whites and pinks, where the edges…

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