Jun 26th 2023

June Rose Care

Beetles... Beetles... Everywhere... What Am I To Do? There’s nothing like a leisurely walk through a rose garden in full bloom. Vivid colors and a sweet rose fragrance beckon you into a garden alive with romance and Japanese beetles…WAIT! WH…

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May 4th 2023

Managing Your [Garden] Visitors

Inevitably, we receive some unwanted visitors in our gardens: the Japanese Beetle.  We've got a couple of tips to help reduce the count of visitors - in your garden that is! Can't seem to keep them out? Try Japanese Beetle Killer…

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May 3rd 2023

May Rose Care

Roses are starting to bloom across NC and that means deadheading will soon begin! Deadheading is removing the spent blooms from your roses, and we deadhead to promote more BLOOMS! So let's get those pruners out and talk about deadheading and c…

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