Fresh bareroot roses should always be planted as soon after receiving them as possible (within 3 days).

Soak the roots in a tub of water 2 hours prior to planting.


Items You Will Need:

* Witherspoon Premium Rose Bushes

* Witherspoon Premium Planting Mix: 1 to 2 Bags per bush

* Witherspoon Planting Essentials

* Witherspoon Pine Bark Mini - Nuggets



1.(Figure 1) Lift out enough soil to allow roots to spread naturally in the hole (1 foot deep and 2 feet in diameter). Add 1 cup of bone meal per bush or 3 cups of Witherspoon Planting Essentials per bush if soil has not been prepared earlier. Form an inverted cone of your soil mixture in the center of the hole.

2.(Figure 2) Set the plant so that the roots rest down the sides of the cone. The graft knob should be slightly above the ground level.

3.(Figure 3) Replace the soil and pack carefully around the roots eliminating air pockets under the roots.

4.(Figure 4) Leave a slight basin around the plant and water using 3 to 5 gallons per plant. Finish filling the hole with soil.

5.(Figure 5) Finally, mound Witherspoon Mini - Nuggets or shredded mulch to the top of the plant and leave until danger of freezing is past. (This is usually around the third week of April in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.) This prevents the canes from drying out or freezing until the root action begins. If planting after danger of frost has passed, leave the rose mounded up for 3 weeks.