A Happier Spring

Applying dormant spray is one of the best things you can do for your rose bushes during winter.  We use a product called Lime Sulfur.  The benefits of this product make it well worth enduring the temporary unpleasant sulfur smell.  There are two major reasons to use lime sulfur in your garden.

1.       Lime sulfur is a desiccant and it will dry up the remaining leaves on your bushes.  This is especially helpful during warm winters as it helps the bush drop its leaves and go dormant.

2.       Lime sulfur will dry up and smother fungal spores and spider mite eggs that are overwintering in your garden.  These spores and eggs are laying in wait for the first warm spring rain.  They will splash back up onto the brand new tender leaves and start causing problems right away.  Dormant spray helps to eliminate this early spring headache.

The application of dormant spray in January or early February will significantly reduce the presence of fungus and mite eggs in your garden in early spring.  It will make your regular spray regimen more effective to begin the year and it will make you a happier rose gardener.