Weather Alert - Hurricane Florence


Across the state of North Carolina and other surrounding states, we are bracing ourselves for the first major hurricane of the season. Hurricanes can cause devastation to our property in the blink of an eye. As you are making preparations to your home and property for what may come, we wanted to take a minute and help you prepare your rose garden as well. Here are a few tips we can offer:

1. If your roses are greater than 5 feet tall, consider cutting them back to 3.5 to 4 feet tall. We still have several weeks left in the blooming season, so you should get another burst of blooms!

2. Do not try and wrap your roses with any fabric to protect them. Often times this causes more damage than good. 

3. No matter the height of your roses, cut the blooms and bring them inside for your enjoyment. 

4. If you have any plants in containers, consider pulling them closer to your home to prevent them from toppling over. 

5. Bring garden accessories, ornaments, bird feeders, etc inside.

Be safe!