Go Vertical with Tree Roses


When you want a distinctive element in the rose garden, go vertical with Tree Roses! Using Tree Roses is a unique way to draw attention to your garden. For a stylish rose garden space, a well-placed Tree Rose complements an arrangement of compact Floribundas, or even Miniature roses, allowing the Tree Rose to take center stage.

Why stop there, however? Tree Roses make excellent container specimens for the sunny patio/deck or front door entrance to your home. When underplanted with summer annuals, you have an impressive display worth posting to your social media.

We suggest ordering Tree Roses soon, since they're selling out quickly. Call now to get 'em before they're gone! We have highest availability of the following:

  • 36" Iceberg Trees
  • 36" Easy Does It Trees
  • 24" Ketchup & Mustard Trees
  • 24" Vavoom Trees

The 24" standard of our Vavoom Trees and Ketchup & Mustard Trees are extra noteworthy due to they're smaller stature as Tree Roses which makes them even more fun to use in the garden. We dare you to try one!