August Rose Care


Watering and Irrigation 

If you've followed our recommendations of the last few months concerning irrigation, you should be in good shape. When the weather gets hotter and drier for longer periods, you may need to increase the amount of time that you irrigate and/or the frequency of irrigation. If you were watering twice a week for 30 mins in May, you'll probably need to increase it to 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes during July. If you are hand watering, you absolutely need to stay on top of your watering routine.  It's easy to forget to water when it is sweltering hot outside and all you want to do is stand by the air conditioning or get in a pool! Also, make sure you line someone up to water your roses while you are on vacation.  If you are prone to skimp on the watering during the hot months of the year, it might be worth investing in a simple automatic irrigation system for your rose garden. A quick surface watering will not be enough for your rose garden during the heat of the summer.  Make sure each rose is getting 5 gallons of water per week spread out over a couple of days. 

How To Install a Shur-Flo Irrigation System

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