Nov 3rd 2020

Flip through our 2021 Rose Catalog

2021 brings celebration at Witherspoon! We are excited to celebrate 70 years of outstanding rose care! Take a peek inside our rose catalog for this momentous year! Start planning your rose garden now. We are accepting pre-orders and would love to hel…

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Jul 20th 2020

Spider Mites: A Mite-y Problem

Mites are the third member of the team that is out to get your garden (fungus, insects, mites). These critters are a difficult problem once they are established, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure they don't get comfortable in the ro…

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Jun 12th 2020

June Rose Care

Beetles... Beetles... Everywhere... What Am I To Do? There’s nothing like a leisurely walk through a rose garden in full bloom. Vivid colors and a sweet rose fragrance beckon you into a garden alive with romance and Japanese beetles…WAIT! WH…

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