7 Reasons to Order Bareroot Roses


You Asked... We Answered!

Seven Reasons to Order Bareroot Roses

  1. The roots of your rose have time to get established before spring
  2. Bareroot roses are less expensive than potted roses
  3. Bareroot roses can be shipped to you or to a someone else as a gift
  4. They are easier to handle when planting
  5. Our bareroot roses are already well pruned
  6. Since they are dormant, bareroots can be planted as early as 6 weeks BEFORE your regions last frost date - and no later than 1 week after that date
  7. Plant your bareroots at the right time and they will take off faster and better than potted roses since they can focus their energy on good root development when planted unlike potted roses that have to focus energy on root development PLUS extensive leaf growth

Check out this video tutorial on how to plant a bareroot rose!

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