Go Vertical with Tree Roses


When you want a distinctive element in the rose garden, go vertical with Tree Roses! Using Tree Roses is a unique way to draw attention to your garden. For a stylish rose garden space, a well-placed Tree Rose complements an arrangement of compact Floribundas, or even Miniature roses, allowing the Tree Rose to take center stage.

Why stop there, however? Tree Roses make excellent container specimens for the sunny patio/deck or front door entrance to your home. When underplanted with summer annuals, you have an impressive display worth posting to your social media.

We suggest ordering Tree Roses soon, since they're selling out quickly. Call now to get 'em before they're gone! We have highest availability of the following:

  • 36" Iceberg Trees
  • 36" Easy Does It Trees
  • 24" Ketchup & Mustard Trees
  • 24" Vavoom Trees

The 24" standard of our Vavoom Trees and Ketchup & Mustard Trees are extra noteworthy due to they're smaller stature as Tree Roses which makes them even more fun to use in the garden. We dare you to try one!

March Rose Care

A Jumpstart for Your RosesFertilizing and Weed ControlWhen it is time to wake up your roses in spring, nothing does the job like a good shot of nutrients. Roses are heavy feeders and they need a good fertilizer to help them break dormancy and sustain healthy growth throughout the growing season. Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK) [...]

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February Rose Care

Are You Ready for Pruning Season? It's February and it's time for Spring Pruning! Pruning is a major event which requires a more skilled hand than that of the generalized cutback we do in December. Our focus is on cutting out dead and diseased canes, and removing spindly or unthrifty growth. By reducing the overall size of the plant, [...]

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January Rose Care

Applying dormant spray is one of the best things you can do for your rose bushes during winter. We recommend using a  Dormant Spray Oil mixed with a Contact Fungicide.Why Use Dormant Spray? It is a desiccant that will dry up the remaining leaves on your bushes. This is especially helpful in climates that have warm [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Deals!

Check back for each new sale!Day 1 - Dec 24 - 1 Gift Card $500 for only $350!! Buy it now!Day 2 - Dec 23 - 2 Veterans' Honor bareroot roses for only $10Day 3 - Dec 22 - 3 Garden Consultations for FreeDay 4 - Dec 21 - 4 Earth Angel Parfume bareroot roses for [...]

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2019 Rose Pre-Orders Start October 1st!

Important Dates to Remember2019 Pre Orders Begin: October 1Bareroot Shipping: February 4 - April 24Bareroot Pickup: February 4 - March 23Potted Pickup: Begins April 13Not sure what delivery date you should choose for your zone? Check our suggested ship dates here!Ready to Order?Click to Shop Roses Now!Need more time to plan?Click to Order a Free 2019 [...]

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Weather Alert - Hurricane Florence

Across the state of North Carolina and other surrounding states, we are bracing ourselves for the first major hurricane of the season. Hurricanes can cause devastation to our property in the blink of an eye. As you are making preparations to your home and property for what may come, we wanted to take a minute [...]

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The Essence of Flowers

The Essence of FlowersWritten by Rhonda Pike Flowers are the only things in God’s creation that hold their value solely in their beauty and the joy they bring to us. Vegetables offer nutrition. Trees offer shelter. Animals have provided transportation. Insects are necessary for pollination. What about flowers? What usefulness do we find in flowers? We [...]

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Summer Sale Ends July 31st!

All 2018 Potted Roses Must Go! Sale Ends July 31st! Rose Bushes only $18 and Rose Trees only $35! In-Store purchases only on 2018 potted roses - Offer not valid on previous purchases - Offer cannot be combined with any other offer30% Off All Pottery!Witherspoon carries a great selection of Campania frost resistant pottery in multiple sizes. [...]

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July Rose Care

Beat the Heat! July is usually the month where most rose gardens go downhill. This happens because gardeners are thinking about vacations, the awful heat, and are not willing to step outside to do a little tending to their garden. If you can make an effort to keep your roses looking good through this part of [...]

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