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About Witherspoon Rose Culture

Service that delivers tender loving care to your roses.

Witherspoon gives regular consistent attention to the needs of roses. We offer preventative and corrective spraying for pests and diseases, fertilizing, pruning, mulching and planting.

In caring for over 2500 gardens, the experts at Witherspoon are trained to identify and treat various problems with the safest effective products available. With 59 years of experience, we have developed our own reliable time-tested products. Our technicians are trained in environmental safety and are licensed plant protectant applicators. In fact, our standards exceed those required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Tender loving care involves concern for the environment as well as the roses.

You are rewarded with lovely roses for enjoyment in the garden setting or to cut and display in your home.

Premium Roses & Rose Products

Choose from our line of Witherspoon Products uniquely designed for rose lovers.

Witherspoon Roses is committed to handling only the highest quality rose plants available.

Fresh bareroot plants are dug from the vast fields of California, where the growing season is much longer and blackspot is nonexistent. Witherspoon's offers a wide selection including Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, English Roses, Polyanthas, Shrubs, Climbers, Miniatures and Tree Roses.

Upon arrival in late January, the bareroot rose bushes are immediately transferred to a cool, climate controlled storage area. This unique facility helps to maintain the bushes in a dormant state. Bareroot planting is done January through March when the weather is very cool and the plants can continue their dormant state, while developing a sturdy root system. As warmer weather approaches, plants are transferred into containers and sold as potted roses through the spring. Many "Witherspoon roses" are pre-ordered and planted into private gardens maintained by Witherspoon. Others are purchased, planted and cared for by the home gardener.

Direct shipping of bareroot roses is available for the convenience of our out-of-town customers.

Witherspoon Rose Culture Offers:

  • Premier rose garden design, preparation and installation.
  • Revitalization of existing gardens with upgrading soil and replanting less productive rose gardens.
  • Extensive year-round maintenance service for your rose garden. Ongoing evaluation of each garden's condition.
  • Premium quality rose bushes through online catalog. Excellent quality and wide selection.
  • Rose Garden Shop with unique selections for the rose gardener.
  • Ultimate irrigation system - our choice for watering roses.
  • Public Rose Gardens - approved by the American Rose Society and displaying over 2000 beautifully maintained bushes.  




From the President’s wife…

David celebrates 30 years at Witherspoon Rose Culture! It is hard to believe that it has been 30 years since David joined my parents, Thelma and Bob Witherspoon, in the rose business in April of 1979!  We were newly married and wanted to raise a family with grandparents close by, so when my dad offered him a position in the family business, David eagerly accepted.  We packed our few belongings and moved from our “honeymoon town” of Greenville, NC to Durham, NC. 

     Without experience in horticulture, David had to be taught the rose business from the ground up – literally.  “That first summer, he took me out to a stall in a cow pasture,” David recalls.  “He gave me a shovel, left me with a dump truck, and said, ‘We need that stuff back at the office.’”  That was David’s lesson on the value of good cow manure for roses. 

     Daddy soon found that his own passion for roses and people was matched by David’s and the fit was ideal. “Going to the homes of our customers and caring for their roses, I learned the varieties and what they needed and I really enjoyed getting to know the customers.”

     David became president of Witherspoon Rose Culture in 1983 and works diligently to build a staff of caring rose professionals who put a very personal touch on their impeccable service.   

     David is a frequent speaker at garden clubs, rose societies, gardening shows, and radio talk shows.  David shares his love of roses and how to properly care for them with thousands of rose lovers.  David has been featured in numerous local and national print media, including Southern Living.  “The Gardens at Witherspoon” has been awarded the official designation “Outstanding Rose Garden Maintenance” given by All-American Rose Selections.  In 1999, David’s vast experience with roses took him to The Netherlands where he was invited to judge in the World Rose Trials in The Hague. 

     In David’s 30 years at Witherspoon, he has never waivered from knowing and saying that we are blessed to have the opportunity to serve you.  We plant and we tend, but it is God who gives the sunshine and the rain to grow beautiful roses.

Rhonda W. Pike

Vice President