1)  You can see the roots of the rose and primary cane structure, therefore allowing you to pick out the best, strongest looking roses (or have one of our experts pick it for you).

2)  The roots of your rose have time to get established before springtime.

3)  Bareroot roses are less expensive than potted roses.

4)  We can ship you bareroot roses or ship them as a gift to someone for you.

5)  They are easier to handle when planting.

6)  Our bareroot roses are already well pruned.

7)  You can plant earlier in the growing season since there are no leaves to get nipped by the frost.  Bareroot roses can be planted as early as 6 weeks before your regions last frost date - and no later than 2 weeks after that date.

8)  Plant your bareroots at the right time and they will take off faster and better than potted roses because they can focus their energies on good root development instead of working to support extensive leaf-growth during the stressful time of planting.  Potted rose bushes are focusing their attention on pushing out blooms.

No matter which type of rose you choose - Bareroot or Potted - just be sure to give your plant a good start with all the right planting materials necessary for a great many years to come! At Witherspoon, we have prepared the perfect mixture of planting materials for you to use. Try the Witherspoon Premium Planting Mix to give your roses great organics for the growing season and the Witherspoon Planting Essentials to add essential nutrients to your soil.